HF Nets

High frequency nets uses UTC Time (Universal Time Coordinated) to ensure that time in different regions of the world are coordinated.

Noon Time Net

Noontimenet.org Early check ins start at 11:00 mountain time and runs to around 2:30
Nets run every day of the year
7.268.5  Primary net freq
3.970.0  Secondary freq
7.283.5  Backup for both nets

Farm Net

(Friendly Amateur Radio Mission) farmnet.nfshost.com
Start time is 0200 UTC
Net runs every day of the year

Idaho ARES HF statewide voice net

Every Thursday at 0230 UTC

Idaho ARES HF statewide digital net

  • Every Tuesday evening in idaho,  at 0200 Zulu
  • Frequencies:
    PSK31: 3578.50  @ approximately 500 on the waterfall
    RMS Express in Peer-to-Peer mode: 3580.00 Center Freq
  • PSK31 is used for initial check-in, then by direction of net control, move to RMS Express and send net control a message in Peer-to-Peer mode.
  •  We have instructional documentation to provide to you for setting up RMS Express if requested.

Idaho RACES net is the 1st Thursday of the month

Start time is 0200 UTC

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