Welcome to the Idaho Old Dusty Radio Club

This 21st Century Amateur Radio hobby truly has both enjoyable and practical aspects. As a radio club we advocate for providing community service, promoting the development of new technology, and sharing with the general public the exciting personal and community benefits of becoming an Amateur Radio Operator.

It is enlightening to know, that almost every country around the world has designated frequencies for the use of Amateurs Radio Operators. We are, in many circumstances, the first and only reliable means of communication to and from an affected disaster area. Our members are trained and taught protocols in order to provide this and so many other public service communication roles.

While we provide critical communication, ham radio operators have fun and excitement talking to fellow hams in other states and countries. We learn and design new ways to build radios, antennas, bouncing signals off the ionosphere, mountains and even buildings and maintaining mountain top repeaters.

Idaho Old Dusty Radio Club began when a group of interested amateurs radio operators (hams) wanted to discuss the potential of amateur radio hobby, increase their knowledge and have a good time with friends. In essence, dust off their radios, increase their skills and hit the road to adventure, learning and teaching. We thank you for your interest in our club, and please take a look at the information at this site. We look forward to hearing from you!

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